Fixed-Priced Software Development

Fixed-Priced Project Development

We will understand both business and technical aspects of your project. We will then staff your project team with expert engineering, project management, and business talent. Learn more about working with us and our process here.

Fixed-Priced Teams

Our head of engineering will hire, train, mentor, guide, and manage your software development team, turning them into a highly efficient team that delivers exceptional software, on time and on budget. We outfit the team with the latest hardware and software tools to achieve maximum efficiency. Our agile process has proven its ability to deliver exceptional products in record time. Ongoing maintenance and enhancement is all automated. We’ll train you on Jira and show you how you can provide feedback during the day, and then we build and refine it while you sleep. Best of all, we manage all aspects of working with a Globally distributed team and we'll be there on your time-zone.