Fixed-Priced Software Development

Quimba Story

Quimba was founded in 2002 with the goal of building intelligent analytical systems. We started by writing proposals for AI-based research to US government agencies. It didn’t take long for us to gain significant traction and started winning research contracts and grants. All told, we won multiple contracts and grants from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), US Airforce Research Labs (AFRL), US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Transportation, and the National Science Foundation. The key factor behind our success was that we understood how to conduct software research, design a product, and create deployable, secure, and highly scalable software. The results of some of our work still supports a number of objectives within our customer agencies. In addition, our work in data sharing, in the context of civilian-military cooperation in response to natural or human-made disasters was cited in a number of US federal agency disaster response analysis and planning efforts.

When Quimba was founded, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Analytics based on huge data volumes were not mainstream and funded projects were hard to come by. So we also worked in the commercial space, delivering software and services to a number of prestigious corporations. In fact, Quimba staff’s resume includes building systems for Data Mining, Customer Profiling, and Predictive Analytics, as well as designing end-to-end systems architecture for complex systems, designing databases and data pipelines, creating web sites, creating Android and iOS apps, and managing entire engineering operations for our small and medium-sized clients.

Today, we are a global force of expert engineers, creative designers, seasoned project and program managers, accomplished product specialists, and senior executives that can create complex software, transforming even the back-of-the-napkin ideas to highly secure, highly scalable software products and systems.

Leadership Team

Bob Dourandish

Managing Partner and CTO

Over 25 years of technical experience in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Systems. Principal Investigator (DARPA, AFRL, USDHS, USDOT). Founder or Executive at 3 startups, 2 acquisition exits.



Over 25 years of experience in leading business operations for technology companies. Expertise in Business, Product, Sales, Vision, and Marketing. Founded 4 companies, 3 exits (sold to Microsoft and an IPO)



Over 17 years of experience in software engineering and technical project management, with a successful track record of building highly scalable software, apps and websites, using modern stacks.


VP, Service Delivery, US

Over 15 years of experience in software engineering and technical project management. Jonathan has a successful record as an engineer, as well project and team leadership for mobile and web systems.


VP, Service Delivery, EMEA

Over 15 years of experience in software engineering and technical project management. Nav has implemented successful products for iOS and Android mobile phones, as well as the web.

Working With Us

Working with Quimba Software is different that any other consulting company you may have worked with in the past. Of course every consulting company says that! But we mean it! Consider the following seven reasons:

1. Fixed-Priced Contracts

Our software development contracts are Fixed-Priced. This means no cost overruns. We will deliver to the exact specifications we agreed, for the price of the contract. Not a penny more.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you will like the results, or we do everything in our power until you are absolutely satisfied with what we deliver.

3. Free Bug Fixes For A Year

Of course all software has bugs. In our experience, some of the complicated bugs show up in when software is put in production. For a full year after we deliver the software, we will fix any bugs you find in production. Absolutely free.

4. Hand-Off Training is Included

We will keep your staff in the loop throughout the development process, with both project reports and milestone interim releases. When it's time to hand off the project, we will fully train your staff and work with them as project is transitioned.

5. Technical Documentation Included

All of the software we deliver includes technical documentation for your engineering staff. If the project includes a User Interface, we will also provide complete User Documentation.

6. Fixed-Priced Teams

Our Fixed-Priced Team contracts also backed with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as additional assurances, as appropriate.

7. Cancel On Any Milestone, Without Losing The Guarantees For The Work You Paid For

We don't look to tie you into a contract with an impossible cancellation option. All of our projects are delivered in accordance with specific milestones. You have the option to cancel at each milestone, and still enjoy the assurances and guarantees for the work we have already delivered.

Our Process

At Quimba we follow a battle-tested, field-proven process to develop software. The process is milestone-based and you can cancel the contract at the end of each milestone without losing any of the guarantees for services you have already paid for.

Our process has the following four stages.

Quimba Software - Fixed-Priced Software Development

We start every project with an analysis step. This is a deep-dive process, focusing on both technical and business objectives. As part of this process, we will understand the bigger business context, map all the workflows, identify data elements, profile the end-user, create mockups of the user interface, and clearly identify the business and technical success metrics for the project.

The output of this stage a comprehensive document containing all information needed to move your project to the next stage. You can continue working with us, hire someone else, or use your own internal staff to proceed.

Quimba Software - Fixed-Priced Software Development

The development stage is broken up into milestones as well. Each milestone is managed by Agile methodology, and is broken up into monthly Sprints. Overall we use the spiral model to software development. This approach is an iterative development strategy, creating increasing sophisticated versions of the code. At each iteration the progress is reviewed, risks are identified, and appropriate adjustments are made.

Quimba Software - Fixed-Priced Software Development

The output of this stage is the complete software system that is deployed on a test environment that replicates the production platform.

Quimba Software - Fixed-Priced Software Development

During the Development stage we work with a replica of the production system. However, often, if not always, there are differences between a test replica, and the actual production systems. The most common of these differences is system security. Specifically, production environments are generally hardened while, typically, security is relaxed during the development process.

During this step, we will deploy the system on one or more production systems, observe its behaviour, and make any necessary adjustments.

Quimba Software - Fixed-Priced Software Development

The final stage of our process is to train your staff to take charge of the project. While your staff will be involved in all stages of the project, and may even have been part of the development team from the start, this step formally trains your staff. This training includes tasks such as documentation review and edits, updating all technical documentation with any changes made/required/requested during the development process, and a comprehensive review of the differences between Development and Production systems.